BLOODSCRIBE: Album Cover & Details Revealed

Los Angeles heavy-hitters BLOODSCRIBE have just revealed details for their long anticipated debut album, Prologue to the Apocalypse, which is due out late Winter.


“Prologue to the Apocalypse is our long awaited first full length album. It embodies BLOODSCRIBE as a whole and showcases the sound we have long been evolving into”, states vocalist Jasan Perez. Prologue to the Apocalypse is not just another death metal album, but rather a statement of self-reliance that goes against social standards that have weakened our society.” Says the Band

Featuring album art by Indonesian illustrator Mondo Borneo, Prologue to the Apocalypse was recorded, mixed and mastered by Chris Garcia at the Morgue Music Studio (Stages of Decomposition) in Los Angeles CA.

Track listing is as follows:
1. Into
2. Pantheon Of Lies
3. Enslaved By Deceptions
4. Burning Bridges
5. Demons
6. Annihilation
7. Kingdoms Fall
8. Shadows
9. Castrating Humanity
10. In Ruins

Prologue to the Apocalypse is set for release 2/9/15 UK and 2/10/15 in the U.S. via Gore House Productions as CD and Digital



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