ENTRENCH – Violent Procreation OUT NOW!


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Entrench are pissed off! Violent Procreation is a mean, meaty record, with forceful, straight-ahead midpaced tempo to ripping fast Thrash beats, but the riffs never let up, screams with pent-up fury on every track, ravaging each syllable as if they mean to rip it from the air with his teeth. The sheer exuberance, catchy songwriting, classic riffs, and live energy of “Violent Procreation” make it an instant modern day classic, an inarguable high point in the band’s catalog, and just the shot in the arm they needed for yet another career renaissance. Entrench has set the bar for the Best of 2014 pretty goddamn high — everyone who follows, be warned.

Violent Procreation Tracklisting:
1. One with Agony
2. Those Who Exceed
3. Adjust to Summit
4. Chemical Holocaust/The Mental Wasteland
5. Devoid of Life
6. Calm the Urge
7. The Process of Annihilation
8. Senseless Slaughter
9. Apathetic Existence

Bandcamp: http://entrench.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/entrench
For purchase: http://www.cudgel.de/index.php?lang=1&cl=search&searchparam=entrench


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