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MF RUCKUS Thieves Of Thunder to be re-released April 18th

MF RUCKUS Thieves Of Thunder to be re-released April 18th

MF Ruckus Thieves Of Thunder

US based Power Rockers MF Ruckus, will re-release their full length, Thieves Of Thunder on April 18th. Engineered & co-produced by Steve Goldberg (Guitarist of Cephalic Carnage; Engineer- Speedwolf’s “Ride with Death”), the 15 track Thieves Of Thunder is the bands second offering from the young five piece following their The Dirty Half Dozen album of 2013. Westword Magazine says of the band “The Motherfucking Ruckus (or MF Ruckus, for those with more delicate sensibilities) couldn’t be more aptly named: Not only does the handle describe the musical mayhem these dudes create, both in the studio and on stage, but it’s also a perfect description of what hell the band’s sleazy hard rock will incite you to raise.” MF Ruckus doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, but what they do is steal its hubcaps on “Thieves of Thunder” emulating and assimilating the skills and attributes of Rock’s greatest warriors, using them as weapons of domination in the arena of songwriting and lives performance. The previous release of Thieves Of Thunder was a soft digital release for die-hard fans, but rest assured, there’s nothing soft about this record!

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