GRETHOR and team up to stream new track


Viginia Black/Death Metallers GRETHOR and have teamed up and are streaming a new song, “Somnia Malum Infinitum”, ahead of the release of GRETHOR‘s new EP called “Cloaked In Decay” on April 21st. Click here to listen:

“Cloaked In Decay” takes both traditional and Avant-Garde Black Metal and fuses it with a chaotic barrage of dark Death Metal riffs, laced with hooks and grooves. This five track EP offers GRETHOR’s most diverse, compelling release yet, complete with crushing Doom riffs, high-octane blasting and bleak melodic passages. With “Cloaked In Decay”, GRETHOR is aiming beyond the confines of its genre to create music that is as heavy as it is provocative; music that will stay with you as much as assault the senses.

“CLOAKED IN DECAY” is now available for Pre Order on the bands Bandcamp page below.




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