Vermörd Dawn Of The Black Harvest out April 14th on Grimoire Records

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Very rarely an EP manages to represent the potential of a band, but Vermörd have definitely succeeded here with “Dawn Of The Black Harvest“. A young band hailing from White Marsh Maryland U.S.A, Vermörd are a ridiculously talented group of teenagers playing fast and loose Black Metal that often veers into Technical Death Metal passages. Filled with awesome, stirring guitar runs, impressive churning bass lines, plenty of frenzied blasting and deathly bellows. “Dawn Of The Black Harvest” is jam-packed with well-executed, ornate, Black Death Metal, tastefully put together and performed with intensity.

Release date for “Dawn of the Black Harvest” is 04/14/15 on CD/pro-cassette/digital download through Grimoire Records here:

“this is a fucking impressive record by a fresh band whose trajectory is going no place but up”

Dawn Of The Black Harvest Tracklisting:
1. Disciples of Shakhbûrz
2. Plagued Eyes from the Scrolls of Xafmirtas
3. Ophite Cultus Satanas
4. Encrimsoned Baptism
5. Derodidymus
6. Dark Harvest

metal music promotions, metal music PR

Vermörd are:
Zach Thomsen (Vocals)
Yianni Papaeracleous (Guitar)
Brad Weddle (Guitar)
Zak Kempler (Drums)
Alec Klimm (Bass)


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