Amidst The Withering Premieres Full “The Dying Of The Light” Album

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AMIDST THE WITHERING The Dying Of The Light is out tomorrow April 28th and they have teamed up with the greatest online Metal media site out there, to stream the album in full!

FULL STREAM ON Metal Underground HERE:

About the Band and their release: With the number of Black Metal bands out there increasing by the hour, it’s becoming hard to differentiate the leaders from the followers. With a penchant for intelligent and dynamic song writing, Atlanta’s Amidst the Withering stands out as a viable force in the genre. While shades of a few influential acts may appear throughout the disc (Emperor, Dimmu Borgir), “The Dying Of The Light” is largely a beast unto itself. Boasting a production quality that ranks right up there with metal’s top names and an overall vibe that’s deeply rooted in the underground.

You can purchase The Dying Of The Light here:

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