BLACK PESTILENCE Outsiders Out May 19th!!

Metal Music Promotion and PR

Black Metal Punk Rockers BLACK PESTILENCE will finally make physical copies of their May 05 “Outsiders” full length album available May 19.
Buzzing guitar sound, the way the songs groove in a rock and roll kind of way, the shroud of malevolence darkening the proceedings, and a piss-off punk rock attitude. This is BLACK PESTILENCE and their new album “Outsiders” all right.
BLACK PESTILENCE excels at riding a rolling mid-tempo groove, propelled by a steady beat, picking up speed and adding power with strategically placed double-bass thump without abandoning the rock steady beat. Making each riff count, sometimes dropping out excess instrumentation for effect, and racing forward with speedy drumming, altering the pace, and putting air under the guitars in the right places allows one to savor each horrific note.


Outsiders Tracklisting:
1. Cult Class
2. Silent Assassin
3. Unseen Force
4. Horns for the Devil
5. Sonic Static
6. Cellblock
7. Razing Taboo
8. Voiceless Generation

Metal Music Promotion and PR


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