8/10 Apostate Time Of Terror review by The Grim Tower Magazine!


“if you like a slightly technical mix of groovy doom, black and death metal with roaring vocals this album is a good bet” says TheGrimTower.com from their 8/10 review of the new Apostate Time Of Terror album due out next week on Ferrrum Records.


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ArteMortificaReviews.blogspot.com reviews Cyhyraeth Servant To The Fire


“this debut album hits hard and contains many of the elements the make a solid and crushing record” says ArteMortificaReviews.blogspot.com of the crushing Cyhyraeth Servant To The Fire album out now! Read the full review here:


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Dreamgrave Presentiment reviewed by ArteMortificaReviews.blogspot.com

zDreamgrave - Presentiment - cover

Dreamgrave Presentiment reviewed by ArteMortificaReviews.blogspot.com and says “amazing and epic…recommended for fans of death metal, metal, progressive and melodic genres. There’s something to enjoy in each track”

http://dreamgrave.bandcamp.com/PreOrder your physical copy here as well.

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10/10 Metal-Temple.com review of Entrench Violent Procreation

z 1000x1000

10/10 Metal-Temple.com review of the awesome Entrench Violent Procreation album, who say “I didn’t expect such a beast of an album…How this wasn’t mentioned in any of the end-of-the-year lists is beyond my understanding”


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10/10 Dreamgrave Presentiment review by progmetalzone.com

zDreamgrave - Presentiment - cover

10/10 Dreamgrave Presentiment review by Prog Metal Zone Magazine who says “extremely powerful and uplifting and is easily one of our favorite progressive metal albums of the year” of the new album out now!


New Record Label EPICTRONIC now open!!


Epictronic is a young but very strong independent company which focuses on production, distribution and marketing of recorded music.The label offers to its artists a worldwide distribution service (physical and digital) through direct deals with Plastic Head Distribution and Plastic Head Media.

Furthermore Epictronic owns an important division, operating closely with Warner Chappell Music Holland B.V. and specializing in music publishing, copyright management, collecting and Sync deals which includes a B to B marketing department and a very effective label service.

Since the beginning, after 2 years of “silent” work, Epictronic has now concentrated mainly on creating the conditions to develop and deliver an effective service, through the investment of a relevant amount of money, in order to build its forceful structure and to gather an immense quantity of contacts.

During the last 2 years, the label management inked deals in several different countries through subsidiaries, and established alliances with 3rd party companies in key markets like Japan, Scandinavia and USA.

The label’s catalogue will be launched with 5 albums and 1 Ep from various artists and music genres, all allocated in a precise sound-range and label concept, which could be described as an in between Electronic Rock, Indie rock and New Wave.

With a marked vision and massive impact on the music market Epictronic is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing enterprises in the industry.