FULLY CONSUMED Partner With NewNoiseMagazine.com For Exclusive, Full Album Debut

FULLY CONSUMED Partner With NewNoiseMagazine.com For Exclusive, Full Album Debut

Metal Music PRMetal Music PR

FULLY CONSUMED have partnered with NewNoiseMagazine.com to exclusively debut their scathing, new album, “Incendium,” the band’s new full-length album, which comes out on tomorrow July 28th on Art Consumed Records. Click on the link below to check it out now.

“Incendium” NewNoiseMagazine.com Exclusive

Committed to producing original, genre pushing metal, Fully Consumed lets their music speak for itself on Incendium. Fully Consumed puts a refreshing take on songwriting by playing music that they want hear. Arrangements are fast, heavy, brutal, fluid and combine an innovative mix of technicality and groove to create a unique blend of death metal.

BUY: http://fullyconsumed.bandcamp.com/
LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/fullyconsumed

Incendium Tracklisting:
1. Soul Possession
2. Prophet Margin
3. Scion Of Fire
4. Genetic Predisposition to Warfare
5. War Box Liar
6. Anticlimactic
7. Engaging Ghosts
8. Numb Nation
9. Virtual Vail

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